Replacement Conservatory Roof, Top Tips from LMD Conservatory Roofs

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Are You Considering a Replacement Conservatory Roof

Replacement Conservatory Roofs have become very popular over recent years, in this article LMD Conservatory roofs look at the benefits to installing a replacement conservatory roof and offer some top tips for choosing a new / upgraded roof for your conservatory.

Over the years many people have invested in a conservatory, because it has always been an affordable way to extend your living space, however the reality is that a standard conservatory with a glass / poly carb roof is often too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter.

British weather also has other impacts on the Polly Carb Roofs that can spurn leaks as a result in broken or damaged seals and many conservatory owners complain of noise when it rains and during sleet or hail.

The Most common form of replacement conservatory roof is to remove the existing glass / poly carb roof and replace with a lightweight tiled conservatory roof such as a guardian warm roof

In this article LMD conservatory roofs, the supplier and installer of innovative lightweight conservatory roofs look at some of the top reasons for choosing a replacement conservatory roof:


  1. You can enjoy the Conservatory space all year round


Irrespective of the weather conditions a Replacement conservatory roof from LMD Conservatory roofs like a guardian warm roof should ensure the room can be used all year round and in any temperature, hot or cold.

This new roof and insulation technology is designed to combat the extreme temperatures and has been specifically designed for use in residential conservatories like yours throughput the UK.

LMD Conservatory Roofs offer a complete Replacement Conservatory roof solution, that includes tiles, insulation, finish, lighting, heating and energy.


  1. Improves Structural Integrity of you conservatory


Overtime in the UK’s wet, windy and harsh climate has an impact on the structure of your conservatory.  Water seeps into the slightest of gaps, freezes and expands then defrosts. The continuous cycle of weather related expansion and contraction means that overtime your existing conservatory is bound to spring new leaks and may damage the conservatory infrastructure.

A lightweight tiled conservatory roof works in very much the same way  as your existing roof, water flows downwards into a gutter and is not left sitting on the roof.

  1. Improved Energy Efficacy


Energy efficiency has a massive part to play in how we operate our homes and how the home is then valued when we come to sell it. The same rule applies to your conservatory as it does to your home. Modern glass technology means improved glazing options and energy performance.

Thinking back over the years when people purchased their conservatory, energy performance was not always as important as it is today, we are much more aware of our energy footprint, increasing energy costs and EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates)

A modern Conservatory Roof Conversion is designed with improved energy efficacy, insulation and performance.

  1. Modernise and Transform Your Conservatory


Do you want to transform your conservatory, Modernise the extra living space all without replacing the entire conservatory structure? A conservatory roof conversion can offer the ideal solution-providing a much needed update, without the cost of total replacement and in most instances without the need for building regulations approval.

There are a huge range of options when it comes to replacement conservatory roofs, from lightweight tiled conservatory roofs, skylights and hybrid roofs that are part glass and part tiled for increased natural light.

  1. Lightweight Tiled Roofs Requires Minimum Maintenance


The Poly Carb roof and Glass roofs seen on older conservatories often needed regular cleaning and some maintenance to clear away debris and in some instances green Algae.  A Lightweight conservatory roofing solution operates in much the same way as your existing home roof and will require minimum maintenance.

A replacement Conservatory roof from LMD Conservatory Roofs can be fitted to your existing conservatory irrespective of style. We offer a free survey where our friendly team will visit your home and discuss the options with you before offering a free quotation.

You can always claim a free replacement conservatory roof quotation on line at:

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