Brighten Your Property Up with a new Conservatory Roof

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Is your conservatory roof looking a little drab? With a simple update, LMD Conservatory Roofs  can have your conservatory looking as good as new, and ensure the room is well insulated meaning you can use your conservatory all year round.

A conservatory is a great addition to any property, gaining you an extra room you can use anytime, as well as adding value to your property. They are perfect for an indoor/outdoor entertainment area, a hobby room, or a simple reading room where you can relax and watch the world go by.

Three Conservatory Roof Options

LMD Conservatory Roofs offers three different types of roofing to help brighten your property up.

  • Metrolite is a lightweight roof tile that weighs up to one seventh of an equivalent traditional roof tile, while offering superior protection. Not only is it lightweight, but it is long lasting, low maintenance, low noise, economical, and weather tested. Even better, it comes with a 40 year product guarantee. Metrolite is the perfect option if you are looking for a low pitch roof.
  • TapcoSlate gives you the benefits of the look of a slate roof while giving you a product with extra strength and innovative design. Tapcoslate comes in a range of colours so you can choose a match with your house roof, is lightweight, and quicker to lay. This is a great option is you are looking for an authentic look for your conservatory roof.
  • 365 Conservatory option allows you to use your conservatory all year round no matter what the weather. This uses the existing roof frame, helps to reduce the winter fuel bills, adds value and extra living space and is fitted within 3-5 days. 365 Conservatory is a great option if you are looking to gain extra living space that you can use year round.

If you are thinking about selling your property soon, updating the roof on your conservatory can be a great way to add value to your property. This is a fairly economical way to increase the sale price of your property, and with work able be completed quickly, LMD can have your property looking great in no time.

Whether you want a product that offers a low pitch look, an authentic look or allows you to use your conservatory as an extra room every day of the year, LMD have a product that suits. For a free quote on replacing your conservatory roof, call us on 0121 285 4242.


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