Is it Worth Replacing My Conservatory Roof?



If you’ve got an older style conservatory where much of the roof and the walling is made of glass, you might find you aren’t getting as much use out of your conservatory as you originally thought. Glass conservatory roofs and walls often mean that in summer the room heats up too quickly and in winter, it doesn’t hold enough heat.

LMD Conservatory Roofs have a range of roofing products available which will allow you to use your conservatory all year round. The question most people ask is – is it worth replacing my conservatory roof?

Up to 90% of the heat loss in a conservatory in winter is via a glass roof, and you can just imagine how much extra heat it creates in summer! A new roof means that you can use your conservatory all year round without needing to worry about getting too hot or cold.

LMD use a product called 365 Conservatory which provides insulation to the conservatory – this means you can sit out in your conservatory with a good book and a cup of coffee in the middle of winter and not worry about freezing!

So other than being able to use your conservatory all year round why else would you want to replace the roof on your conservatory?

Five reasons to replace your conservatory roof

Here’s five reasons why you might want to replace your conservatory roof:

  • The current one is leaking or missing tiles
  • It gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter
  • The space isn’t functional for what you need
  • It needs a new life or to be brought up to modern standards
  • You are looking to sell and want to add value onto your property

Many people are under the assumption that replacing the roof on the conservatory is a big expensive job which will require lots of time and effort. But this is one of the biggest misconceptions amongst many conservatory owners.

LMD Conservatory Roofs can replace your old glass roofing with a more suitable product, generally within 3-5 days. They also offer a no obligation quote, which means you know exactly how much it will cost before you make the final decision – and it often isn’t as much as you originally thought.

LMD Conservatory Roofs have a solution for you, whether it’s a Metrolite roof for low maintenance and a low pitch look, TapcoSlate for extra strength, innovative design and a traditional look or 365 Conservatory to allow for year round insulated use.

To find out what options are available to you when replacing your conservatory roof, call LMD Conservatory Roofs today on 0121 285 4242.

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