Is now the right time to replace your aging conservatory roof

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Benefits of a Lightweight Tiled and insulated Conservatory Roofs

Let’s look at the options to replace your aging conservatory roof, up and until a few years ago most new conservatories were installed with a polycarbonate roof. 

Typically these polycarbonate roofs were lower cost and easy to install.  However, over the years the quality standards have fallen and now customers regularly comment that their original polycarbonate roof

  1. leaks
  2. is brittle and has broken panels
  3. has no insulation
  4. is cold in the winter
  5. to hot in the summer
  6. unsuitable in a rain shower due to outside noise
  7. hardly ever used

And when the time comes to replace your aging conservatory roof there are generally options to replace the frames with, Upvc, aluminum, timber, and the roof structure can be replaced with polycarbonate, glass and lightweight, tiled and Insulated materials

To decide what’s best for you and your home you need to start by asking yourself what you want the purpose of the conservatory to be.  Depending upon your answer you can then decide what roof materials best meet your needs. Once you know the purpose of the conservatory you can consider, security, privacy temperature, noise, and investment returns.

You may find the price of a low-quality roof might be quite tempting, however, you may also decide that the risk, value or return on investment simply isn’t worth it in the long run.

In our view, LMD Conservatory Roofs have installed hundreds of conservatory roofs, the conservatory roof that adds the highest value, most comfort and best return on investment in our view is defiantly a lightweight tiled and insulated conservatory roof, we have now installed so many we can easily claim to be the specialists locally. 

When you decide the time is right to replace your aging conservatory roof, consider these The Key points

All Year Round Comfort

All replacement, tiled and insulated conservatory roof from LMD Conservatory Roofs are designed to give you extraordinary high levels of comfort due to the volume and quality of our insulation materials. In addition, we also seal the conservatory roofs effectively, meaning you never have to worry about cold draughts or water slipping into your home. That’s why we always offer an extended warranty on every roof installation

Complete Security

Our strong and sturdy roofs are designed to stand the tests of time. Because of their robustness, they offer you complete security.

High-Quality Material

In order to give you stunning performance, our glass and solid conservatory roofs are built of high-quality materials. This gives them phenomenal durability, incredible thermal capabilities and a beautifully crafted profile that blends in well with any property, modern or traditional.

Styled by You

Since you know your home and needs best, we give you complete flexibility in choosing your roof framework. From the basic material to the style, from the colors to the finishes, you can design your bespoke roof to your exact wants and requirements.

Conservatory Roof Prices Locally

At LMD Conservatory roofs, you will always receive very attractive replacement conservatory roof prices. In fact, with the level of quality, we offer in our installations, will usually see the price you paid reflected in the increased value of your home..

To find out more about our conservatory roofs, claim a free conservatory roof quote or gather some more information. We’re happy to answer your questions.

However, if you just want quick quotes for your conservatory roof needs, you can call us on 0121 285 4242.

If you are an existing LMD conservatory roof customer we would love to get your feedback, please feel free to share your comments and images on




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