Conservatory Roof Insulation

All you need to Know about Conservatory Roof Insulation

In this article, we discuss all the things you need to know about conservatory roof insulation and how to maximize the return on your conservatory roof investments.

Most people appreciate that a properly insulated conservatory roof can provide you with a much more comfortable year-round living space that’s more affordable to live in and will add value to your home, in this article we discuss some easy steps to insulate your conservatory roof

With huge steps in insulation innovation and the design and development of replacement lightweight conservatory roofs systems, LMD Conservatory Roofs are proud to announce that we now install two types of replacement conservatory roof systems that will transform the way you use your existing conservatory space.

Conservatory Roof systems can be produced in both hybrid and fully tiled conservatory roof options, they will both create a living area that is warm and light, making use of natural light and up to date home improvements technology

Here’s a six-step plan that LMD Conservatory roofs follow to efficiently insulate your conservatory roof

Insulate your conservatory roof  – Step One

We provide a free initial design consultation, where one of our trained property surveyors will visit you at your home for an initial design consultation to discuss your requirements and assess the condition of your existing conservatory.

The design consultant will measure the existing structure and inspect to identify any potential for issues and he will advise you on any leaks, damp or poorly fitted panels.

The consultant will discuss your needs and work with you to design a replacement and insulated conservatory roof structure, capable of meeting your needs and being installed at your home.

All our roofs are 100% value for money and the consultant leave you with a price and design you can freely chat about with friends and family


Insulate your conservatory roof  – Step Two

Once we have agreed on the timescales and the schedule of works, we design a completely bespoke replacement roof and sub-frame to install on your existing conservatory.

Our Technical surveyor will visit your home and confirm the design, schedule, and scope before we send the design off to the manufacturing

Made from lightweight aluminum that will not rot or warp, the sub-frame is installed onto the existing wall and remaining glazed structure. All components are precision cut to size, providing a perfectly finished surface on which extra layers of insulation can be attached.


Insulate your conservatory roof  – Step Three

Now that the new and bespoke roof has been manufactured and delivered its time to start removing your existing roof.  We will isolate any electrical points and lay the new cabling before we start to put the new frame and subframe onto your existing window (upright) frames.

Once the frames are installed we continue to waterproof the new roof, insulate and add the external lightweight tiles and guttering.


Insulate your conservatory roof  – Step Four

Once the external conservatory roof and installation are fitted correctly now its time to focus on the internal.  We ensure that all eaves pockets are tightly insulated before fitting the new insulated plasterboard

Make sure the boards follow the contours of the new roof.

Completing the interior to the highest possible standard is now the top priority. In most cases, a plaster finish is used to create a new internal ceiling which can be painted or decorated as required.


Insulate your conservatory roof  – Step Five

Once we are happy that the new installation meets our high standards and our customers’ expectations, we check every aspect of the installation with our customer to make sure they are completely satisfied.

This is the perfect opportunity to highlight any minor snags and, if necessary, we can resolve them immediately. To provide added peace of mind, we also explain that all workmanship is covered by our ten-year warranty – guaranteeing that if any issues do occur in the future we will endeavor to fix them promptly.

All that’s left to do now is tidy up – and leave with a smile on our face at a job well done!

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