What are the best way to insulate a conservatory roof?

Insulate a Conservatory Roof?

Is Now the Time to insulate a conservatory roof? A conservatory has become an important aspect of the layout of the home. They act as a room in the garden. A conservatory offers you the chance to sit out in the garden around the year. It protects you from harsh weather conditions. So you can enjoy the open and fresh air even if it is raining heavily or it’s a chilly evening. But it is important to insulate the conservatory roof if you need to use it 365 days a year. You may opt for a Replacement Conservatory Roof or a Tiled Lightweight Conservatory Roof that will replace your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a waterproof, lightweight, insulated, and internally plastered roof and several other insulation options. Let us discuss them in detail.

Insulating the conservatory roof:

A typical conservatory roof does not provide good insulation. The glass structure is aesthetically pleasing, but it offers very less protection from harsh weather conditions. A cold wave in the winter season or heavy rains may limit the use of a conservatory. However, you can tackle these conservatory problems through proper roof insulation.

Need to insulate the conservatory roof:

The glass walls or roof of the conservatory are a large part of the structure. Therefore, it is important to weather-proof the structure. The best way to insulate the conservatory is to insulate its roof. Since the warm air rises, it loses heat, thus making the conservatories extremely chilly. It is just the opposite in summers, where the roof actually preserves the heat and creates a greenhouse effect that makes the room even hotter. With proper roof insulation, you can sit back and relax in the room. There are various options available to insulate the conservatory. You may select the best one as per your home.

Ways to insulate the Conservatory:

  1. Opt for a Replacement Conservatory Roof:

It is one of the best ways to convert your conservatories into a room that you may use all year round. Replacement conservatory roofs come in varying styles and range for different needs.  Before you opt to relace your conservatory roof, speak with LMD Conservatory roofs. We are independent and will offer you the best advice and the best solution for you.

Many specialist companies like LMD conservatory roofs can replace the old conservatory roofs with a new, lightweight, solid, insulated, and tiled conservatory roof. A replacement conservatory roof is also worth the expense. It enhances thermal efficiency and makes it usable all year round. It gives you a place to have the speakers and spotlights fixed and also lets in the natural light if you use full-length glass panels.

  1. Tiled Lightweight Conservatory Roof

This is a better and more permanent solution than polycarbonate, glass or insulation-only roofs. You may simply discard the old conservatory roof altogether. Just replace it with a new roof that is specifically manufactured to fit snug onto your existing frame, and is fitted with the exterior tiled roof to match your existing roof, and has better insulation properties. This will guarantee you climate control all around the year and give the conservatory a new look. It starts to feel like a part of the house..

A tiled conservatory roof can change the look of an existing conservatory. It can convert it into a more comfortable space that can be used around the year. The tiles roof is thermally efficient and will definitely lower the energy cost of your conservatory. In addition, the vaulted ceilings give a feel as if the conservatory is a part of your home. Experts can use the existing roof frame and replace the roof with a tiled lightweight conservatory roof. It will help reduce winter heating costs and add value to the property. The roof is plastered internally and is a cost-effective solution.


There are many solutions available to insulate the conservatory space and make it more useful regardless of the weather conditions. Solutions like blinds, curtains, paints, etc., are all aesthetically pleasing options. Other options include replacing your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a waterproof, insulated, lightweight, new tiled insulated roof. You must consider your budget and aesthetic desires before finalizing the choice.

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